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Spices.Obfuscator is product of award winning Spices.Net products family.

Spices.Obfuscator offers non-compromise protection of your intellectual properties from prying eyes, competitors and reverse engineering.

Spices.Obfuscator is a flexible .Net code protection tool that offers the wide range of technologies to completely protect your .Net code and intellectual properties. The obfuscator rebuilds your .Net assemblies to the new format that is impossible to disassemble/decompile, and impossible to be understand.

Spices.Obfuscator completely integrated into Spices.Net and distributed as Visual Studio Integrated package (Spices.VSIP.Obfuscator), stand alone GUI and console version.



Own metadata access engine

Spices.Obfuscator uses own metadata access engine that allows to work with all known .Net assemblies and modules (.Net 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, CF.Net) generated by C#, managed C++, Vb.Net, J#, C# Builder, Delphi.Net compilers and doesn't crashes on incorrect assemblies.

Own assembly builder

Spices.Obfuscator uses own assembly builder that provides compatibility of generated assemblies with original format of assembly.

No ilasm-ildasm round trip - our assembly builder provides all services for complete assembly generation.

Assembly verification

Spices.Obfuscator verifies generated assembly on PE, Metadata and IL validity.

Spices.Obfuscator protects itself

All Spices.Net (including Spices.Obfuscator) assemblies protected by Spices.Obfuscator, we trust our product!

All .Net Framework implementations supported

Spices.Obfuscator supports all known .Net Framework implementations (1.0, 1.1, 2.0, Compact Framework, Mono, Portable.Net)

All types of assemblies and all languages supported

Spices.Obfuscator supports all types of assemblies - managed (C#, VB.Net, Delphi.Net, Asp.Net), CompactFramework and mixed code(managed C++) assemblies.

Mixed assemblies support

All features provided by Spices.Obfuscator supported on mixed (that contain both managed and unmanaged code) assemblies.

Strong incremental obfuscation

Spices.Obfuscator supports strong incremental obfuscation - even if structure of assembly has changed, names of members will have same names.


antiILDASM feature crashes ILDASM and most of the decompilers on protected assembly loading. Spices.Obfuscator embeds NotDecompile attribute to prevent protected assembly from decompilation by Spices.Decompiler

String encryption

Spices.Obfuscator hides and encrypt strings and embeds this hidden information into IL-code as mini-heap, that extraction of this info is extremely hard to extract and disassemble.


Spices.Obfuscator supports cross-obfuscation (all members obfuscated in the some assembly will obfuscated in the assemblies referenced to this assembly)- this is a better way than linking all assemblies into one, but protection level is the same.

Obfuscation options

Each assembly included into Spices.Project (.iloprj) has individual obfuscation options what provide control to wide range of obfuscation features.

Obfuscation rules

Obfuscation options provides set of rules (ObfuscationOptions.Members) that provides control to exclude/include some types of assembly members, Obfuscation.Members has some predefined rules configurations also.

Attribute-based (declarative) obfuscation

Spices.Obfuscator supports attribute based obfuscation and provides source code (C#, VB.Net and Delphi) of control obfuscation attributes, such as Obfuscate, NotObfuscate, DontEncryptStrings, SpecialNamespace, SpecialName, NotObfuscateMembers(for batch exclusion from obfuscation, wildcards allowed)

Strong name support

Spices.Obfuscator supports strong name assemblies and re-signs assembly after obfuscation if strong name key file is defined.

Naming conventions

Each assembly included into Spices.Project (.iloprj) has individual obfuscation options and user can define one of the 4 allowed naming conventions: Numeric, Alphabetical, Alphanumeric or NonDisplayable (in this case ILDASM or another assembly browsers will not correctly display assembly member names)

Overloaded renaming

Spices.Obfuscator uses our own ShrinkNames technology that provides more shorter names generation, this techology improved by DoublePackString technology that significantly decreases size of string stream in the metadata and allows to generate more smaller assemblies.

Exclusion/Substituion control

Spices.Obfuscator allows to manually exclude or include some assembly member into/from obfuscation.

Assembly compression/optimization

Spices.Obfuscator decrease size of metadata (~45%) and optimizes size of assembly that increases performance of assembly.


Spices.Obfuscator creates of debuggable assemblies.

Strip debug info

Spices.Obfuscator allows debug information exclusion from obfuscated assembly.

Stack trace deobfuscation

Spices.Obfuscator provides stack trace deobfuscation tool.

Software watemarking

Spices.Obfuscator provides software watermarking feature and embeds software watermark into obfuscated assembly in NineRays.Obfuscator.SoftwareWatermark attribute. Your software can easily recognize this attribute existance and extract software watermark from this attribute's Watermark property.

IDE's integration

Spices.Obfuscator fully integrated into Spices.Net and Visual Studio as part of Spices.VSIP.Net (Visual Studio Integration Package).

Console implementation

Spices.Obfuscator has standalon console implementation what can be used in the batch/automated builds such as NAnt or Visual Studio Build Events. Console implementation of Spices.Obfuscator provides all features of Spices.Obfuscator.

and more...

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