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1. Compatibility Related
1. What languages/compilers EXECryptor is available for? Are there samples?
2. Can EXECryptor be used for protect .NET applications?
3. What operating systems does EXECryptor run on?

2. Order/Upgrade Question
1. How do I get updates to EXECryptor ? Are they free?
2. What's the difference between EXECryptor Standard and Professional edition?
3. What is Membership?
4. Can we protect an unlimited number of programs without further costs?
5. How do I return EXECryptor for a refund if it doesn't suit my needs?
6. We are a software reseller company. Do you have special reseller prices?
7. I'm a new comer. Can I register on your web-site and/or subscribe to your newsletter?
8. After my HD reformatting I’ve lost my copy serial number. What have I do?
9. I have change my e-mail address on which my copy was registered. Can I restore my registration details anyway?

3. Feature Related
1. Can someone use hard drive imaging techniques to copy software protected by EXECryptor to more than one computer?
2. Does EXECryptor support temporary registration such as for an Application Rental or Application Subscription?
3. How sensitive is the Machine ID to hardware changes? If a user adds memory or changes his sound or video card will the Registration ID still work?
4. Is it possible to allow multiple applications to use EXECryptor on a single machine?
5. Is there a way to use EXECryptor to unlock different levels of a product. Ex. I have a product with different editions (bronze, silver, gold). Can I use it to unlock certain features?
6. Can we automate the protection process for a group of applications?
7. I want to display my own evaluation dialog instead of default one. Is this possible?
8. What files need to be distributed with EXECryptor?
9. How long are serial numbers?
10. What's the difference between "polymoph" and "metamorph" code protection?
11. Can EXECryptor be set up to generate Registration IDs from an ASP enabled web site and deliver them in a web page or email?

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