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HardKey License Manager allows to generate cryptographically strong serial numbers based on asymmetric crypto algorithm. Similar types of algorithms are used in known PGP, RSA and ElGamal systems. But as distinct HardKey License Manager algorithm allows to generate ultra short digital signature preserving the same security.

It is very easy to implement short serial numbers generation in your program. HardKey License Manager is supplied with set of serial number verification packages for various programming languages. The single variable element of these packages is your unique public key. It is enough to create a new project in HardKey License Manager, to export public key for your development environment and plug in the serial number verification module for that your application may work with short serial numbers.

If you work with such registrars as RegNow or ShareIt serial number issue and delivery to customer will take only a couple of minutes. HardKey License Manager features registration messages processing and filling out of relevant fields in database. It's sufficient only to copy the message text to clipboard.

And you get filled out customer registration card and generated serial number.

To send messages with serial numbers to customers you have to create only once a message template where you can use special macros allowing to paste various fields from your database to the message text. Thus you can send person to person e-mails with serial numbers, releases, updates and upgrades info and other news.

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