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Are you a software distributor or reseller? Welcome to partnership with us! We are open to various kinds of cooperation. If you are interested in promoting, distributing or/and selling our products through the Internet or/and other channels just let us know!

We welcome various types of marketing collaboration that bring to tangible results and increase sales. There are our general conditions our potential partners should conform to:

Primarily we are interested in collaboration with distributors and resellers specialized in development tools, components and resources and focused on our products targeted audience. Most commonly we work with our partners on up-front payment conditions. But also we are always ready to consider partnership questions and suggestions from other categories distributors and resellers, that would meet certain marketing demands.
We don't accept a 'passive' partnership inquiries like most affiliate programs that provide for only link to us placement on their website without make any marketing or promotional efforts. Notwithstanding if you would like to resell our software products trough your web site herewith promote them any way and ready to sign our special reseller consignment (required for all types of partnership) where you can guaranty some sales volume (defined by yourself) please contact us.

There is two ways to distribute and sell our products:

you order some volume of our software copies with up-front payment and get your reseller/distributor discount whose size will depend on number of ordered product copies
you can distribute and sell our products on postpaying conditions but then you have to define guaranteed minimum of sales in certain time period convenient for you and in your ability. The larger your sales volume, the higher your commissions per cent

Our reseller discounts and commissions are very flexible. If you provide an aggressive promotion and high volume sales we can offer you even 50 % of revenues! Usually such a percent is got by exclusive distributors of software products. However note: we can give you high sales percent, but we DON'T provide any partner with exclusivity.

If you agree with these terms and would like to become our partner, contact us right now and let us know about your marketing opportunities! If you have additional questions or you need more detailed info related to partnership, don't hesitate to contact us!

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