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How unique is Hardware ID?
John 17 Apr 2006 10:45:18

I would like to know how unique is hardware ID. How is it calculated (whether it would invade privacy)? Is it possible for 2 different machines from the same lot of machines to have the exact same hardware ID?

StrongBit Team 18 Apr 2006 4:00:13


Thank you for the question

Actually such ’trick’ is possible in case of HD cloning on two similar machines. However in the next EXECryptor release we’re going to implement locking to firmware HDD ID that will allow to get known unique Hardware ID.

Best regards,
StrongBit Team
John 18 Apr 2006 4:07:48

When is the next release coming out?

StrongBit Team 18 Apr 2006 4:27:59

The next EXECryptor release will be launched in a couple of days.

Kind regards,
StrongBit Team
John 18 Apr 2006 4:29:54
That’s good news! Will hardware ID be completely unique then for each machine?

Maximilian 18 Apr 2006 5:19:59
What is the difference between EXECryptor_GetHardwareID() and Hardkeys GetHardwareID() ?
George Karatsiolis 18 Apr 2006 8:14:05
UNIQUE hardware ID is NOT possible. There are some ways to trick the system. But hopefully they require high level knowledge not available to the public.
Andrew Senin 20 Apr 2007 3:41:28


I’m using version 2.3.9 of ExeCryptor. We have 5 similar PCs with pre-installed Windows XP Home Edition (possibly, HD cloning was used in the shop, not sure). On all 5 PCs 2.3.9 gives the same hardware ID. Is it normal for that version of ExeCryptor or I’m doing something wrong? Also, I set all 3 flags (disk, cpu, bios) on the Hardware ID settings panel.

Dmitry 20 Apr 2007 17:46:21
StrongBit Team wrote 18 Apr 2006 13:27:34
The next EXECryptor release will be launched in a couple of days.

Kind regards,
StrongBit Team

We hear a similar declarations from StrongBit ("a couple of days", "coming soon", etc.) within 6 months... And, where is a new release?
Zhu Aiping 20 Apr 2007 20:07:51
Maybe the system gave us a wrong date.
It should be 1 Apr 2006.
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