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Save hardware id in variable
joeseph c 28 Dec 2006 19:43:15
In help, it is said "Dont store return value of GetHardwareID in variable. if you need it - always call to EXECryptor API function." Does it mean that variables are not safe and may be manipulated by bad guys? If this is true, then how do I pass hardward id string to EXECryptor_VerifySerialNumber? It takes a "const char *" type HardwareID, so I have to prepare the string in memory before calling it, right? Would that be more volnerable if I just hard code it?


Konstantin S 28 Jul 2008 8:38:40

I have very similar question. How can I prepare user side request for a key with Hardware ID included into it, if I will not format Hardware ID properly? Even more simple, how One-touch trial formats Hardware ID inside to output it on registration form? In which format Hardware ID should be input into license generation tab? I cannot find appropriate code example anywhere. Are these features disabled in trial version? I cannot make it working for some reason. Did anybody at all use them this way?


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