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Problem with Delphi 7 resource only DLL’s
Sergey Lukin 2 Jan 2007 8:46:07

I tried to protect a resource-only DLL that contains translation to some other language. DLL itself was protected fine, but the main application seems to crash with ’Stack overflow’ messages when loading this DLL. Any thoughs how I can solve the problem? I suspect that problem is that the resources are not decompressed/decryped directly when such DLL is loaded...
I use standart method to load a reosurce-only DLL with other language using reinit.pas file that is shipped with Delphi
StrongBit Team 2 Jan 2007 10:11:05

EXECryptor need code in dll. Otherwise result maybe unpredictable. I think that you can leave this resiource-only dll unprotected without any loss of security.
Sergey Lukin 2 Jan 2007 10:12:52

well, they contains some messages like ’Your SW is not registered’ but translated to French. This can give French hackers some honds where to look at...

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