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Command-Line EXECryptor
majid[dot]entezam[at]entriq[dot]com 4 Jan 2007 17:02:52
Hi, I see that I could launch EXECryptor from the command line by specifying the project to execute. However, I was wondering what project settings can be passed in as command-line parameters, if any. The reason I ask that we might have many EXEs to protect and we have to be able to kick-off the protection process automatically from our own service, without human intervention. We don’t want to manage a project for each EXE (because some of the EXECryptor project settings might change as well) and would like to be able to supply those settings as part of the command-line parameter. Is this possible with EXECryptor?
StrongBit Team 4 Jan 2007 17:11:10


no, this is impossible, because EXECryptor have meny settings in ep2 project file - as result we have huge command line. for process multiple applications you can easy create single ep2 file and make copy for each exe/dll.

Matthew 5 Jan 2007 9:58:47
Not entirely impossible, in that another application can generate the EP2 file and then call the command line encryptor. I do this with my custom FinalBuilder action (available on the web if anyone wants it) and it works just fine. I can therefore use a single EP2 file to encrypt any exe file, and ensure that the options are output properly each time in case I’ve been fiddling manually.
majid[dot]entezam[at]entriq[dot]com 5 Jan 2007 12:36:22
Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the info. Yeah, it would seem possible to generate the EP2 file because it is in structured text format (as oppose to proprietary binary format). I’ll look into doing something like this. I guess this would be the only way, seeing there is no parameterized command-line support. Thanks.
James Simpson 6 Jan 2007 17:22:39

It may be possible to force it to accept values via command line via indirection signs at command line (forcing execryptor to accept the values that follow the indirection sign).
So like execryptor << "VAX" << 0 << 1 << 1 ..
Haven’t tested the idea but it is just a thought.


James Simpson
Straightway Technologies Inc.

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