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Accessing values in registry when using (Custom) version reset
Patrick 12 Jan 2007 4:33:07
EXEcryptor sets various values in the Registry that can be accessed by EXECryptor_SecureRead() etc e.g. FirstRun, LastRun but if you use the version control reset Advanced Option these strings have the ’version’ added on (e.g FirstRun....4)
Using the API is there any way of knowing which string to look for?
Particulary with the Custom Version as this is totally under EXEcryptor control.
I realise its possible to infer an install date using GetTrialDaysLeft() but we may want to store info that can be separated in the identical way (e.g a more granular usage count, also resetable using the version control)
StrongBit Team 22 Jan 2007 16:04:51


Thank you for your report.

Patrick wrote
Using the API is there any way of knowing which string to look for?

Currently there is no way of knowing such names, however, we will research this problem to find some solution.

Kindest regards,
StrongBit Team

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