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What will make two ep2 project files different
joeseph c 31 Jan 2007 18:10:17

I created two similar ep2 projects with different software ID. But, somehow, they can share serial numbers with each other, which is what I am trying to prevent. Could somebody explain to me what options can make two projects different in terms of generation serial numbers? Is it possible for somebody to fake a ep2 project file? If the ep2 file was exposed, anybody has Execryptor will be able to generate serial numbers, am I right?

Please help.
StrongBit Team 2 Feb 2007 6:32:50


Thank you for the question.

In this case the software ID`s difference is not enough. If you already have generated the keys (public and private) in a project file these programs would share serial numbers with each other. Then somebody having EXECryptor supporting serial numbers generation and the ep2 project file will be able to generate serials. As a solution you can create a new file and set similar options.

Kind regards,
StrongBit Team

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