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registered user but only see general forum
Philippe Malacher 23 Feb 2006 6:00:35

just received the newsletter telling me I should register to see all forums. I have just done that (including giving the serial number of execryptor), but still I can only see this forum?
StrongBit Team 23 Feb 2006 8:55:32


Thank you for your question.

In the version 2.3 of EXECryptor registration was changed. All users regitered before were e-mailed their new serial numbers allowing to activate membership on our new web site. If you are a registered user but you have not received or you have lost your new serial number valid for 2.3.x update and our web site User Membership activation and would like to get it now please click here: http://www.strongbit.com/request_lost_serials.asp

Best regards,
StrongBit Team

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