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Personal Licence
michael[at]bleijerveld[dot]nl 20 Sep 2008 1:35:47
Does the Personal Licence allow to protect and distribute an executable which is sold commercially?


StrongBit Team 20 Sep 2008 11:53:18


All the types of EXECryptor Licenses provide with royalty-free protection. So using Personal License of EXECryptor you can protect and distribute unlimited number of executables both frees as well as commercial ones.

Best regards,
StrongBit Team
Ritche Regala 11 Oct 2009 17:30:34
with a personal license, is execryptor locked to a single computer? if that computer breaks down i need to purchase another license to be able to use it in another computer?

is "eckeygen.dll" distributed with a personal license?

will the protected files not be detected by by ANY antivirus application as viruses? will there be no need to submit the protected files to antivirus vendors to be excluded from detection?

when will be the next EC update?

thanks in advance!


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